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Van Ann Jenny Lind - the Swedish Nightingale
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Jenny Lind (1828 - 1887) became a legendary singer and household name in the 19th Century on the European and American continents. From the time of her operatic debut in Stockholm, until the end of her life, she would forever be known as "The Swedish Nightingale" because of her glorious vioce. Jenny toured throughout Europe and England, but it was under the auspices of P.T. Barnum, "The Great Showman" that she became the first singing star to capture the hearts of Americans.

But at the height of her success, in her early twenties, tragedy struck when the golden voice began to fail. Jenny was forced to overcome her intense timidity and leave her beloved Sweden for Paris where she would study voice with the great Manuel Garcia. She eventually made her voice more beautiful than ever and continued her singing with triumphs in Germany, Austria, England, and finally America. Jenny retired from the operatic stage at the age of twenty-nine with thrirty-two roles to her credit. However, when she toured America under the auspices of P.T. Barnum, Jenny Lind left an indelible mark upon our American musical history - for Jenny was known for years afterwards as the greatest singer to set foot upon our soil! It was in Boston, in a secret ceremony in 1852, that she married her German accompanist, Otto Goldschmidt.

The remainder of her life was spent with Otto and her three children in England where they finally made their home. It was there that Jenny would continue to appear in concerts, and her beloved oratorios. Because Jenny Lind was a deeply religious and very charitable woman, she retired from theatrical roles very early in her career. At that time theatre was considered "inappropriate" for religious young women. Jenny later worked in the capacity of a professor of singing at the Royal College of Music.

Jenny Lind's beautiful and generous spirit is an inspiration for audiences of all ages. Her repertoire of music is an indelible part of this re-creation.

For a unique Winter Holiday Show, join Jenny Lind for a journey down memory lane as she shares stories of her life and the many Christmas customs, music and traditions from around the world.