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Van Ann Van Ann as Jeanette MacDonald - America's Movie Legend and Sweetheart
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Jeanette MacDonald (1907 - 1965) In the 1930s and 1940s Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy were known around the world as "America's Singing Sweethearts" and movie audiences adored them. Jeanette and Nelson were teamed together in "Naughty Marietta" in 1935, when the sparks they ignited made them one of the most memorable singing teams of all time. The overwhelming success of their first film together would lead to seven more, each more lavishly produced than the last. Miss MacDonald became the Princess Royal of all costume and operetta-based motion pictures through MGM. Probably no film star, before or since, wore costumes better than she, and more importantly, sang, acted, and danced more gracefully than did Jeanette MacDonald herself. The movie musicals in which Jeanette found herself are often based on operettas, which play a mojor role in the development of the "American Musical" which is an indigenous part of our musical hertiage today.

During the War years of the forties, Jeanette put in countless hours on tour entertaining servicemen, or raising money for the war effort through concert tours (especially for the Army Emergency Relief Fund).

As Jeanette MacDonald's film career waned, she remained active making radio and television appearances (the latter being a new medium, and her TV stints are early classics, filled with creativity and experimentation). She even performed with her husband, Gene Raymond, giving two command performances for the Eisenhower's at the White House. It is probable that we will never see the likes of a singing star (and team) such as MacDonald (and Eddy) again, but we can be thankful for the preservation of their work through films and recordings. Many were so touched by her charm and beauty. The audiences of the Depression years and WWII will be forever grateful to her for briinging them dreams of renewed hope.

Jeanette lives again to charm you with her life and beautiful music.