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Van Ann
Van Ann as Libby Custer - Devoted Cavalry Widow
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Elizabeth Bacon Custer (1842 - 1933) was the only surviving child of a prominent Michigan judge. From her father's adoring care and protection, "Libby" wed her famous husband, George Armstrong Custer. They met when he was on leave during the Civil War, and married in 1864. Libby Custer accompanied her husband riding in the ranks everywhere he was stationed: from the front lines in Virginia - where he became a Major General - to postwar assignments in Texas, Kansas and the Dokata Territory where she would learn of his famous "last stand." Althought Elizabeth lived fifty-seven years after her husband's death, she kept her marriage vows, fulfilling what she believed were her responsibilities as "the widow of a national hero" by lecturing around the world, and writing three outstanding books about her experiences with her beloved "Autie", who was the sunshine of her life.

Libby and Autie wove one of the truly great love stories in history. Their underlying devotion to each other was the reason why she was the only officer's wife to live in a tent on the edges of Civil War battlefields, ride in the ranks with the soldiers, and accompany the 7th Cavalry on many of its expeditions in the conguering of the West. During those adventures, whe wore her own uniformed dresses to show her dedication to the famed 7th Cavalry as it was stationed in the wilds of Kansas and the Dakotas.

Forever a heated topic for debate, the controversy of George Armstrong Custer and his influence on the West necessitates that LIbby perpetually ride the plains to clarify how the West was really, or mythically won. Libby Custer is brought to life through a warm and touching drama with Americana flavor.