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Van Ann
Portfolio Contents: Van Ann as Lillie Langtree - The Jersey Lily
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Lillie Langtree (1853 - 1929) was deliciously naughty, exceptionally beautiful, and recognized as America's first imported superstar. She was born on the Isle of Jersey, off the coast of England in 1853, and became one of the most elegant and sought-after women of the era.

"The Jersey Lily", or Lillie Langtree, was the first lady of high society to go up on the stage in Great Britain, becoming an intimate lifelong friend to the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII.

As an actress she toured the British Isles, South America, and the United States. She not only became a sensation as she toured our country in her "Cleopatra's Barge" (her opulent train car), but a dual citizen, buying a house in New York and a ranch in California! Lillie Langtree's great beauty and charm attracted poets, writers, painters and photographers all around the world. They all painted her portrait, wrote plays and poems about her (such as her friend, Oscar Wilde), and used her photographs for commercial purposes. In actuality her beauty, social standing and scandals may have given her more attention than her acting ability! Still she took her performing seriously and studied under her firend, "The Great Sarah Bernhardt." (Van Ann also portrays Sarah Bernhardt. Click here to read about Sara.) Lillie was one of the first women to start her own theatre company and managed a professional troupe with incredible business and artistic acumen for years. She also wrote and staged her own plays, wrote her autobiography and a novel as well. Lillie was adored by none other than our own Judge Roy Bean who memorialized her by naming a town (Langtree, Texas) and his saloon after her!

Meet Miss Lillie as the Royals knew her: at her charming best with music and drama to embellish her tale.