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Van Ann Van Ann Sarah Bernhardt - La Divine
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Sarah Bernhardt (1844 - 1923) made her debut at the Theatre de Francais in 1862. Her final performance sixty-one years later took place in her own magnificent "Sarah Bernhardt Theatre" which is still in Paris today. During her lifetime Sarah immortalized her name by becoming one of the greatest performers in history. Bernhardt could so identify herself with any part that her fury on stage struck terror into the most placid audience, and her pathos touched kings and queens around the world (even though she spoke only in her native French!).

Because Sarah grew up as the neglected daughter of a famous courtesan, she searched for love all of her life. She had one disastrous marriage, many intimate friends and lovers, and a son (Maurice Bernhardt) for whom she continued to perform around the world in order to keep him in high style. Maurice was the one true devotion of her life ... her "raison d'etre."

Audiences flocked to her performances as she toured with a classical repertoire of 132 roles, such as Tosca, Phaedra, Adrienne Lecouvreur, Lady Macbeth, and Margaret in "Les Dames Aux Camillas". Bernhardt was not only the manager of her own theatre company, but a sculptress, a painter, a novelist and playwright - an immense talent. "Sarah Bernhardt may prove the greatest marvel of the 19th century."

This dramatic portrayal includes classical vocal inspired by her performances. Bernhardt was indeed divine... life in the theatre today seems pale in comparison and yet her greatest act was life itself.